PLEASURE GARDENIA 79 Édition Précieuse perfume

Floral - Fresh

Gardenia / Jasmine / Mimosa / Musk / Vanilla



Discover a special creation called l'Édition Précieuse of Pleasure Gardenia 79. Known as the romantic floral fragrance that Albert Krigler, founder of the fragrance house had created in 1879 for his fiancée.

You will receive a more concentrated version of the iconic perfume packaged in a new diamond-like glass bottle, crafted by an Austrian artisan.


About the fragrance:

A tantalizing base of jasmine, vanilla and mimosa rises to meet the enticing heart of subtle sexuality offered by Gardenia petals and musk. An olfactive ode to the Japanese Gardenia flower from Kyoto...explosively feminine fragrance...incredibly elegant.


Size: 1.7 fl.oz. - 50 ml

PLEASURE GARDENIA 79 Édition Précieuse perfume


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