Life is beautiful in provence








  its beauty can be found in the endless fields of lavishly fragrant lavender and charming ancient alleyways as well as the famous Côte d'Azur. The Southeast region of France is not only a visual feast but it is also famous for its wines, artists (Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, Leger, Klein), wonderful writers, and aromatic artisanal soaps.


Krigler Noble Soaps are part of that history. Made in the region of Avignon, the formulation is based on the ones made during the time of Napoleon, his wife, Marie-Louise and many other aristocratic families. The idea for the soaps came to our founder, Albert Krigler during his extensive travels. He found them a much needed addition to his valise during his long journeys by train from Antibes to Paris, Paris to Champfleury, Reims to Strasbourg, Strasbourg to Frankfurt and Frankfurt to Berlin.



Mr. Krigler’s wife, Charlotte, was from the region of Antibes. Her family along with a plethora of perfumers moved to Moscow, when they were invited by the Czar to open a factory by Rallet, Russia’s preeminent manufacturer of perfume, soap, and cosmetics. Here many perfumers such as Edouard Beaux, father of perfumer Ernest Beaux, worked and developed cosmetics in Russia. 



Due to the premises of the Russian Revolution, the family quickly moved to Berlin where they established the house of Krigler and from where they expanded the luxury brand into the German Empire, the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Switzerland, Italy, and the United Kingdom. By 1909 Krigler moved his family from Berlin to the quaint resort town of Antibes where he opened an atelier. The soaps launched in 1910 and have been a best seller since.


The base is quite simple; sea salt, olive oil, and essential oils from Provence. However, the scents are where The Krigler House stands out from the crowd. Not only are the fragrances created in house, but each soap has 5% fragrance, while most brands have only 1-2%. Therefore, clients can smell the fragrance to the very heart of the soap. Because of this, our soaps can be used like solid perfumes, leaving a gentle layer of fragrance on the skin. Perfect for people with sensitive skin as well as the avid traveler who would rather bring a solid soap than a bottle of fragrance on their holidays.



The Noble Soaps creation is as complex as the scents, they take months to be made, each soap being molded into a ‘gallet’ resembling the pebbles on the beaches of Provence, then resting in the fresh air for 2-3 weeks until they are dry and firm. The packaging is made in the city of Avignon in Provence, using eco-friendly paper to make the boxes. The illustrations are inspired by the Art-Deco movement that flourished in Krigler’s time.


Fortunately, clients don’t need to travel all the way to Provence to find their favorite soaps. Our collection can be found in hotels and palaces around the globe where Krigler has a presence, as well as on our website. Order a few for you and for others, and be sure to let your friends know that they may finally have something in common with royalty.



Be part of history that will transcend you with our scents to another era and another world of dreams.